The Gallery Difference

As businesses seek reliable solutions to enhance their operations, Gallery Carts always rises above the rest. With a legacy steeped in 40+ years of experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to unparalleled customer service, Gallery has long been the standard of excellence in manufacturing carts and kiosks.

The Gallery Difference: Our Experience

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Established in 1980, Gallery boasts a rich history in the retail and foodservice cart manufacturing industry. Over the decades, our family-owned company has evolved, adapting to changing market demands while consistently delivering top-notch solutions.

Our line of products is as diverse as the industries we serve. From airports to zoos, you can find our products in transportation centers, healthcare facilities, and on campuses nationwide. Our carts, kiosks, and EVs are built with the Gallery name.

“When you put your name on it, you want people to look at that product and say, ‘Look, that’s a great product!’ and you want it to last.” – President Dan Gallery.

The Gallery Difference: Attention to Detail

Bright Design Concession Kiosk SoFi Stadium

What sets Gallery apart is its unwavering commitment to detail. We are not just a manufacturer; we’re a design and build company, so every cart is meticulously designed for functionality, operational efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. “The level of detail that we spend on where rivets are being located all the way to new designs for canopies, and all these things where we are trying to push the limits, I think exceeds our competition’s efforts.” – Toby Alonge, Industrial Design Engineer.

Our designers also incorporate materials that ensure durability and longevity in every product. This dedication to quality materials elevates the carts’ performance and establishes Gallery as a brand synonymous with reliability. All of our carts are made here in the US with quality materials, which sets us apart from the generic offerings of competitors.

“Quality is something that we expect. It’s not something we give that’s extra.” – Debbie Gallery

The Gallery Difference: What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Airport Bar at SeaTac - Designed by Gallery Carts

The backbone of our success lies in our customer-centric design process. Whether guiding clients through the design and customization process or swiftly addressing post-purchase inquiries, Gallery is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from other businesses that have experienced the Gallery difference.

When it comes to designing or purchasing carts or kiosks, there are many options are available. However, Gallery consistently emerges as an industry leader. Our years of experience, commitment to quality, and unwavering commitment to customer service create a winning formula.



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