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The Gallery Hawking Tray System is a revolutionary iceless, environmentally-friendly method of distributing cold beverages to the patrons of stadiums, arenas, and venues, using technology and proven performance by Carlisle Food Service Products. 

Reshaping The Mobile Food and Beverage Industry and Beyond

Introducing the Gallery Carts Hawking Tray to stadiums, arenas, and venues have already proved to be the new way in hawking packaged beverages efficiently and effectively. Utilizing state-of-the-art thermal engineered refrigerant to maintain the optimal temperature for product quality (26 – 36°F) for up to 6 hours. The Gallery Carts Hawking Tray is a workhorse, once the tray is primed in the freezer it can be reloaded over and over again until the lights go off.

Elements of the Hawking Tray System:

  • Mobile Hawking Cart – Supported from the vending room, the hawking cart can be used as a point of sale and a hawker support cart 
  • Hawking Distribution Cart – Strategically placed hawking distribution carts store loaded trays at temperature and enable the hawker a convenient method to quickly replace trays 
  • Hawking TrayThe Gallery Carts Hawking Tray keeps beverages cold without using ice, making it lighter than a conventional hawking tray. Iceless trays secure cost savings, time savings, and mitigates risk.


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