• Building dreams since 1980

Gallery was born in a deli.

After purchasing a few mobile carts, and realizing they returned profits in just a few months, Gallery was born. Four decades later, we have built and delivered thousands of carts and become a trusted partner to clients who use our carts and kiosks to deliver food, beverages, and retail to crowds of people every day. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things about the importance of delivering value and staying ahead in an industry thick with unmovable deadlines.


We grew from moments of similar customer-centric innovation, like when we invented the hand sink for cart owners facing new health code requirements, and when we pioneered co-branding opportunities like we did with carts for Coca Cola.

And now, from Los Angeles to Salem, our carts, kiosks, custom bars, portable solutions, and electric vehicles help bring people what they want wherever they are.

In 2016 we changed our name from Carts of Colorado to Gallery to better represent this growth, and our core value of considering our customers, partners, and staff as a part of our family.

Mobile, smart, and ironclad. Custom, elaborate, or everyday. Driven by two generations of family pride, we deliver unmatched quality in our design, build, installation and service process.

When it matters most to venues around the country, they go with a Gallery.

quality 845w

Quality is non-negotiable.

But it’s not only the quality in the finished Gallery product, it’s the quality of our entire process that sets us apart. Our clients expect quality. This is the foundation on which our company continues to grow. That’s why we’ve built our manufacturing discipline around quality processes, systems, and vendors. We’ve worked too hard building trusted relationships over the years to risk a step back due to quality.

Design it.We have a reputation for bringing designs to life – whether they are ours or yours.

Build it. From our supply partners to our materials to the people on our floor putting it all together, our builds are simply the best in the industry.

Own it. Count on our team to take on any issue getting in the way of exceptional delivery and issue resolution after installation. We own it until it’s right.

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We don’t just make carts. We build solutions.

We flex to your needs because each new job order and install is unique. No matter how well something is planned, there’s always a chance for a wrinkle or two during an install. So, we own it. Our team of flexible and adaptable designers, installers, and reps, partner with our clients to stay on time and on budget.

Creative. In this business, adaptation is everything. We understand that environments change, consumer behavior shifts, and the job itself will adjust course along the way. Our strength is our ability to flex.

Unfailing. We have a saying around here: You can’t move opening day. A Gallery is on time, every time, and ready to roll when the crowds flow.

Seamless. There are many moving parts in this industry. We’ve honed processes that are in lockstep with our clients, from design to install to endless support.

solutions 845wide

Four decades, two generations of experience.

We’ve worked with clients through recessions, health code changes, consumer behavior shifts, and now a pandemic. Hard-earned experience that means value for our clients today, and fuel for their tomorrow.

Yesterday’s experience. We anticipate and solve issues before they become problems because we’ve seen many of them already. This means better anticipation of the tricky stuff, and a more seamless experience.

Today’s results. We’re stronger than ever, solving client challenges head-on with responsive solutions, not yesterday’s laurels. Like our electric vehicles, and our efforts to help distribute vaccines so customers can come back sooner.

Tomorrow’s success. As crowds are and will continue to be dispersed differently, we’re helping clients stay ahead of the curve like we always have: Post-pandemic crowd flows, new ways of distribution, and expectations of sanitation and cleanliness to name a few.