Stanley Delivers with Gallery Electric Vehicles

Door-to-Door “Stanley Delivers” Service Uses Gallery Electric Vehicles to Drive Stanley Marketplace Retailers Home

Executive Summary:

Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado is a collection of 50+ independent businesses offering unique destinations to eat, drink, work, play, learn, grow, gather and explore. The retailers offer unique gifts, apparel, accessories, wine & beer, fresh flowers, home decor, specialty foods, and more.

Founded in 2016 on the core values of community, sustainability, creativity, and innovation, Stanley Marketplace approached 2020 and the challenges of COVID-19 with a focus on continuing to connect with and support the community. When city leaders mandated reduced indoor capacities, store traffic and sales were significantly impacted. In a time when the people couldn’t come to Stanley Marketplace, the owners decided to bring Stanley Marketplace to the people by launching “Stanley Delivers” — an online shopping site and distinctive local delivery service using an electric vehicle from Gallery Carts.


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The small business owners at Stanley Marketplace heavily rely on holiday shopping for a large percentage of their annual revenue. Capacity restrictions, social distancing requirements, and ongoing public concerns kept many shoppers home. Independent local shops were struggling to compete with major online retailers. As the holiday season approached, community neighbors were seeking ways to support their favorite local businesses without leaving their homes.

In response to these challenges, Stanley Marketplace launched Stanley Delivers, offering online shopping and door-to-door delivery from Stanley retailers, utilizing an eye-catching, branded electric vehicle from Gallery Carts. Shoppers could browse and buy remotely, and packages arrived via contactless deliveries made in a Stanley Delivers electric mini-truck from Gallery. For customers who weren’t local, Stanley Delivers shipped anywhere in the US.

How Gallery Delivered:

The Gallery electric vehicle was the right solution for Stanley Marketplace for four important reasons:

Pandemic-Proof Brand Extension
Gallery’s electric vehicle solved two problems at once, using a hub-and-spoke model with Stanley Marketplace at the center, allowing customers to stay home, support local businesses, and have their purchases delivered to their door by an electric mini-truck.

“The Gallery electric vehicle became a recognizable rolling billboard for Stanley Marketplace, and it visually conveyed our friendliness, commitment to the environment and innovation,” affirmed Stanley Marketplace partner, Mark Shaker. “It let people know about the new delivery service, helped raise our profile in the neighborhood and made Stanley top-of-mind for holiday shopping.”

Novel & Noteworthy

The novelty of Stanley Marketplace’s Gallery delivery vehicle went beyond its functionality.

“Our Gallery electric vehicle was eye-catching and approachable. It looks like a tiny moving truck. I personally started making deliveries because driving the vehicle was so much fun. I’d have people waving at me and stopping to take selfies with it,” laughed Shaker.

In fact, the form of the electric vehicle gave the Stanley Delivers program an extra hook with local media outlets, generating a significant amount of earned media in the form of multiple live TV segments, print feature stores and a segment on public radio. The local press attention provided the delivery program a boost of awareness and goodwill in the community and resulted in an increase in revenue for the Stanley retailers who said the program was a holiday season success.

Environmental Efficiency

The Gallery electric vehicle isn’t just fun to look at. The electric mini-truck enables carbon-neutral delivery. Sustainability is top-of-mind for the Stanley Marketplace partners, making the Gallery vehicle an ideal solution.

Sustainable Revenue Stream

Solving the immediate challenge of generating much-needed holiday shopping revenue despite minimal foot-traffic through the brick-and-mortar marketplace was the primary goal, but it wasn’t the only benefit. After restrictions were loosened and foot traffic increased, the Stanley Delivery program using the Gallery electric vehicle continued to drive results for Stanley Marketplace business owners.

Shaker explained,

“We started out trying to solve a COVID problem – how to get products to people without having them come to the marketplace — but we’ve ended up creating a new revenue stream that will last beyond the pandemic.”


From media attention and community goodwill, to near-term and long-term revenue generation, the Stanley Delivers program delivered well beyond expectations. Retailers raved about the visually-appealing, friendly electric mini-truck, as well as what it did for their businesses.

Here are some of the impressive results from the holiday season:

  • Total # of orders to date: 136
  • Total revenue: $12k+
  • Total number of items sold: More than 500
  • # of media hits: 30+ unique local stories including TV segments, online articles, print features and influencer posts
  • Total impressions: 10.25M+

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