Rogers Place

Gallery Helps Provide Edmonton Oilers and Fans with a “Dynamic Entertainment Environment”

Executive Summary

Spectacular. Iconic. Inspiring. These are the words used to describe the new home of the Edmonton Oilers. Rogers Place is a multi-use indoor arena in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that was designed for the fans. The arena features great sightlines, wide concourses, delicious food and beverage offerings and a state-of-the-art technology. When fans walked into Rogers Place for the first time on September 8, 2016, they were amazed by the beautiful views, massive concourse and sleek design – which is exactly the reaction the Oilers and the City of Edmonton were aiming for with what they call “an entertainment environment.”

From the art installations to the position of the seats, every detail of the new arena was planned to perfection. A significant factor in providing a memorable overall experience was designing the food, beverage and retail kiosks, which were placed strategically throughout the building. For portable carts and kiosks that looked great and were built to last, the Oilers Entertainment Group and partners turned to Gallery.

From the start, the Gallery’s design team stood out with unique and innovative designs that raised the bar. The result was food, beverage and retail stations that were portable for flexibility, but with an elevated look that will welcome and impress visitors for years to come.

“The atmosphere and the building is exactly what Edmonton’s all about,” said Wayne Gretzky during the grand opening ceremonies. “It’s friendly, it’s classy, it’s nice, it’s warm – and I truly believe that Edmontonians are going to brag and talk about the whole entire complex for eternity.”


  • Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG)
  • Aramark
  • ICON Venue Group
  • PCL Construction
  • HOK Architecture


The owners of Roger’s Place wanted a stadium unlike any other. The building’s exterior was sleek and modern; the interior was spacious and open. It was important that all of the facilities within the building aligned with the overall look and feel as well. The kiosks and cart designs, therefore, had to meet two objectives:

  • Feature an innovative, modern look,
  • While preserving the functionality, durability and portability needed to meet consumer demands.

In addition, Gallery was asked to provide retail kiosks that mimicked the food and beverage kiosks in order to maintain a consistent look throughout the concourses.

“Right from the start, we knew Gallery was the right choice for this project. Not only did they have extensive experience we could trust, but they also showed creativity and unique vision with their designs. They were a great partner and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

Dan Wowryk

Project Engineer

ICON Venue Group

How Gallery Delivered

Knowing that the look of the carts and kiosks was of utmost importance, Gallery submitted designs with the initial project bid. After being chosen as the provider, Gallery then collaborated closely with the architect and owners to fine tune the sketches. The result were elevated designs unlike anything the industry had seen before. The kiosks featured swooping awnings that were in stark contrast to the traditional 2 or 4-pole traditional designs. Each station also was to be constructed using a combination of metal, frosted Plexiglas and digital lighting to improve the consumer experience.

Once the design iterations were complete, Gallery’s team how to figure out how to build the creative carts and kiosks while still meeting its high quality standards. This was extremely challenging because no company had ever attempted to manufacture such unique products. Fortunately, Gallery’s team proved it was up to the challenge. Not only did the finished kiosks and carts compliment the stadium’s overall design aesthetic, but the products were built to withstand heavy usage for many years.

“Gallery is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the business, but we continue to push the envelope on our designs. In order for us to remain the industry leader, we have to be creative and not afraid to do something different. The Roger’s Place project pushed our team to be aggressive and innovative. I am very proud of how the products turned out.”


Dan Gallery



Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The innovative thinking of Gallery’s design and manufacturing teams delivered carts and kiosks that exceeded all expectations.  The cool and innovative look attracted fans, while the thoughtful functionality provided fans with a great experience. Whether attending an Oilers game or the biggest of concerts, guests of Rogers Place will experience it all in the most dynamic of entertainment environments.