U.S. Bank Stadium

Gallery Equips Minnesota Vikings Stadium to Service Thousands of Fans on Opening Day – And for Years to Come

Executive Summary

When US Bank Stadium opened its doors for the first time to Minnesota Vikings’ fans, concessions and merchandising were a vital part of the festivities. Having them look great, run smoothly and serve more than 66,000 fans was imperative. Gallery – the supplier of the vast majority of carts, kiosks, bars, and portable units for US Bank Stadium – delivered.

Adapting to an incremental installation schedule to accommodate the multiphase construction, Gallery designed, crafted, and installed innovative units that were modern, highly functional, and that blended with and enhanced the stadium’s unique environment.

Every unit was:

  • Hand-built to flawlessly match the stadium’s carefully crafted design.
  • Designed for longevity with stainless steel construction.
  • Manufactured according to national food and safety standards.
  • Installed on-time.


What’s the biggest challenge when opening a gigantic new sports stadium? While it is nearly impossible to pick just one, feeding tens of thousands of ticket holders in a single afternoon is certainly near the top of the list.

On September 8, 2016, 66,000 spectators entered the new US Bank Stadium for the very first time to watch the Minnesota Vikings play the Green Bay Packers. Located in downtown Minneapolis, US Bank Stadium is an eye-catching landmark in the city, unlike any other in the NFL. Its features include a partially transparent, slanted roof; black zinc façade; and a 160-foot-long model of an ancient Viking ship.

For three years, every detail of the stadium was meticulously planned and specified down to the desired look and feel of the food and beverage kiosks, carts, bars, and service counters.

Gallery was selected as the cart provider of choice based on two primary factors:

  • The company’s innovative designs of kiosks, carts, and bars.
  • Gallery’s reputation for creatively and successfully solving difficult problems.

Everything that went into the stadium had to match the building design. Gallery was the clear choice to provide all of the suite level, and a large majority of the concourse level, food and beverage portable units. Gallery’s quality, innovative designs that enhance a stadium’s environment, and ability to meet deadlines no matter what, are why the company is the industry leader.

Minnesota Vikings ncourse level, food and beverage portable units. Gallery’s quality, innovative designs that enhance a stadium’s environment, and ability to meet deadlines no matter what, are why the company is the industry leader.

– JP Paul, V.P. of Corporate Development & Guest Relations

 How Gallery Solved the Problem

After careful collaboration with the client, Gallery designed and installed nearly 100 carts and kiosks throughout the suite, club, and concourse levels of US Bank Stadium. Products included stand-alone units, action stations, complete bars, dessert carts, and portable mini-carts.

As with all its clients, Gallery’s efforts on the US Bank Stadium project began with developing creative designs. Gallery’s team used complementary materials and sharp angles that matched the stadium aesthetics and fit within the designated budget.

Each design also took into account the operational layout of the building and overall patron traffic flow, as well as operational and maintenance considerations.

Once the designs were finalized, the production team got to work bringing the ideas to life. Gallery worked closely with the stadium architects to determine the right materials that met their design specifications but also were durable enough to last for many years.

Additional material considerations for the US Bank Stadium units included conforming to rigorous health code regulations and installing panels that could be illuminated from the back to display graphics.

Yet it was the installation that presented the greatest challenge. To have the stadium complete by opening day, construction was conducted by isolating different sections over an eight-month period.

This allowed construction to continue while limiting access to other areas. As a result, Gallery’s team had the complicated task of orchestrating details for multiple installation dates over a period of months.

“We really put these guys through the ringer with the construction schedule,” said Jesse Kemp, Project Manager II at M. A. Mortenson Company. “Fortunately, they were incredibly flexible and accommodated our construction plans to get the job done on-time, despite the challenges.”

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Just as the Vikings got the win against the Packers, so did Gallery’s carts, kiosks, and portables. Successfully servicing tens of thousands of customers in a single day, Gallery proved its products were up to the task.

This initial success is key considering that US Bank Stadium will be the most versatile stadium in the NFL, hosting football, baseball, basketball, soccer, motocross, concerts, and more. It is also scheduled to host Super Bowl LII in February 2018 and the 2019 Men’s NCAA Basketball Final Four.