Webinar Replay: Electric Vehicle Case Study

Lively Discussion on Electric Vehicle Solutions & Real-Life ROI We recently held a webinar introducing Gallery’s innovative line of Electric Vehicles (E Vehicles) for food, beverages, and merchandise on-the-go. We were joined by our partner from Ayro, CEO Rod Keller,...Read More

Mobile Cart Leader Gallery Introduces Electric Vehicles with AYRO for Safe On-the-Go Food Distribution During Pandemic

Denver, Colorado, August 24, 2020 – Gallery, the leading innovator of mobile carts for food, beverage and retail businesses, has announced a unique partnership with AYRO, Inc. (NASDAQ:AYRO) and Club Car to launch a new line of electric vehicles to help bring food, beverage, and retail merchandising safely to consumers...Read More

Electric Vehicles Deliver

Get the Goods Out on the Road. Bring Home ROI. It’s one thing to get food, beverages, and merchandise directly to consumers where they are, when and how they want it. It’s another to do it completely safely, up to...Read More

Shedding Some Light On UV

Replay of Gallery’s July 9th webinar on UVc Lighted Solutions Gallery President Dan Gallery V and Gregory Koll, President of Safe Health Solutions LLC, discuss how UVc lights break down organic compounds like bacteria and viruses to keep people safe,...Read More

Employee Spotlight- Meet Craig

What is your role at Gallery? “Senior Designer III” What is the toughest problem you faced at Gallery and how did you overcome it for the client? “Dealing with multiple structural engineering issues with a coffee kiosk we built and...Read More


Gallery launches quality control technology to improve efficiency and transparency in cart delivery and design: DENVER, June 6, 2017 — Gallery, one of the nation’s most successful manufacturers of mobile carts, kiosks and portables for food, beverage and retail businesses, has rolled...Read More