• Hawking Tray System

About This Product

Operationally, the Gallery Carts Hawking Tray System is a Game Changer

The savings in time and money spent on servicing older generation hawking trays with ice might be worth it alone. However, it is much more, the hands-free capability allows for quicker sales with multiple means of payment. Hawkers are now free to point and hold up beverages to display products and locate new customers. The ergonomically designed Hawking Tray makes for a comfortable night of work. A happy hawker makes happy customers.

Pair the Hawking Tray with Gallery Carts

Supported from the vending room, the hawking cart can be used as a point of sale and a hawker support cart. Strategically placed throughout a venue, the Gallery Carts Hawker System will guarantee that the beer is cold and your patrons are satisfied.


Operational Savings

  • No need for ice or ice deliveries
  • No need to fill the hawking trays with ice
  • No need to dispose of ice/water
  • Hands-free hawking allows for multiple forms of payment 
  • Streamlines set up and clean up
  • Supportive and ergonomic strap system for hawkers, helping them become more efficient, increasing sales


Risk Management

  • No slips or falls due to ice
  • No cross-contamination
  • No slippery wet cans
  • No need to carry the added ice weight
  • No swinging trays hitting patrons due to straps 
  • Ergonomically designed with the hawker in mind 
  • A hands-free system allows for safer stair work

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