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Feel the difference

In a side-by-side comparison, the Gallery Carts Hawking Tray comes up on top. The Gallery Carts Hawking Tray is lighter than a conventional hawking tray when it is loaded with ice. The benefits do not stop there, with the ice operation out of the equation, there are cost savings, time savings, and risk mitigation when dealing with the problems that arise with the use of ice.


Robust Design

Encased in hard ABS plastic, the Gallery Carts Hawking Tray uses the latest technology in passive thermal performance. A layer of high-performance insulation on the outer ring and bottom of the Hawking Tray pushes all of the cooling power inward ensuring optimal product integrity for your customers. Now the product is surrounded and protected from the heat on five sides to provide maximum cooling.  It is designed to absorb heat and in turn, release cold on five sides to maintain (26 – 36°F) for up to 6 hours. The hotter it gets, the more cold it releases! 

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