What’s Unique About the Gallery Carts Hawking Tray System

Vendors have been hawking at sporting events since – well, forever.

The Gallery Hawking Tray System brings hawking into the 21st century. This system reduces waste, is iceless, and is a more environmentally friendly option for distributing cold beverages at stadiums, venues, and arenas.

The system reduces waste while allowing hawkers to sell more efficiently and with less physical strain. Traditional hawking trays require hawkers to carry trays with bottles, cans, and ice. These trays are heavy and messy. Additionally, when a hawker needs to reload, they have to return to the vending room, get new ice and product, and repeat the same laborious and physically taxing process multiple times.

How Gallery Carts Iceless Hawking Trays Work

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The Gallery Carts Iceless Hawking trays utilize Carlisle Cold Master technology. This revolutionary technology maintains optimal beverage temperatures for up to six hours!

The process starts with freezing the trays in the vending room. Then, distribution carts holding up to six trays can be placed around the stadium or venue.
Whenever a hawker needs to reload, they no longer need to return to the vending room. Instead, they can grab a new tray from their designated distribution cart and continue selling. There’s no dumping of ice. No waiting in lines. Just switch and sell!

The Gallery Carts Iceless Hawking tray system is lighter and ergonomically designed to distribute the weight more efficiently. In addition, this system reduces the physical strain on hawkers and allows them to take various forms of payment as both hands are free.

Why Use Iceless Hawking Trays

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Iceless hawking trays eliminate the need for hawkers to dump ice and wait in lines for products. Furthermore, using ice is heavy and messy, increasing the risk of slips and falls for patrons and vendors. Melting ice also increases the risk of cross-contamination. By leveraging iceless hawking trays, beverages can stay at the optimal temperature (26 – 36°F) without the hazards that come with ice.

Eco-Friendly and More Sustainable Hawking

Now more than ever, customers care about sustainable options. From composting to plant-based food options, customers want to see that the organizations they support are doing the right thing for the environment.

The Gallery Hawking Tray System is more environmentally friendly than traditional hawking trays because it does not use ice; water is not wasted for cooling beverages. Going iceless decreases the venue’s financial burden and carbon footprint as there is no need to purchase, make, or transport ice, reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Interested in making your stadium or venue iceless? Download the form below to learn more about the Gallery Iceless Hawking Tray system, or contact us today for more information.

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