Concession Kiosk: Here, There, and Everywhere

Although we got started selling concession carts to sports and entertainment venues, we also provide many concession stands to cultural attractions.  You can find Gallery Carts concession stands and kiosks at cultural attractions worldwide.

Cultural attractions are all the fun and sometimes touristy places people love to visit. They are usually places to learn about different cultures, explore new ideas, or be entertained, like museums, theaters, libraries, zoos, and aquariums.

However, popular cultural attractions can be busy places and not ideal for a sit-down meal at a restaurant. Concessions kiosks offer a convenient and affordable way for patrons to satiate their appetites while still allowing plenty of time to enjoy the venue.

Why Use Concessions Kiosks at Cultural Attractions

image of food kiosk at red rocks theatre colorado food and beverage kiosk concessions stands carts for cultural attractions transportation and convention centers

Concessions kiosks are typically more affordable than restaurants, and they are more profitable with less overhead. In addition, having multiple food and beverage carts throughout your venue is an excellent use of space and provides a more convenient experience for visitors.

Self-check grab-n-go kiosks make it easy for customers to purchase food and drinks without waiting in long lines. In comparison, traditional food kiosks can provide visitors with freshly prepared options and offer more variety than grab-and-go stations. Below are some of our favorite projects at cultural attractions around the US.

Concession Stand at Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore Retail Kiosk
Over two million visitors go to Mount Rushmore every year. And believe us when we say you can work up an appetite by visiting Mount Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills.

This concession stand is probably one of our most scenic, with the iconic view of the four presidents in the background.

Food and Beverage Kiosk at Denver Zoo

food kiosk at the Denver Zoo | food and beverage carts kiosks and portables concession stands for cultural attractions

We loved being able to bring a concession stand to one of our favorite attractions in our hometown of Denver!

The Denver Zoo’s Stingray Cove includes a 15,000-gallon saltwater tank where visitors can interact with and “pet” stingrays. This retail and food kiosk was installed near the new exhibit to capture the increased traffic.

Beverage Stand at The Santa Barbara Bowl

image of beverage kiosk at the santa barbara bowl food and beverage kiosk concessions stands carts for cultural attractions transportation and convention centers

The Santa Barbara Bowl is a 4,500-seat amphitheater in Santa Barbara, California. The venue runs annual concerts from April through October, including major headliners like Diana Ross and the Black Keys. This mobile bar needed to be installed on an upper deck with access only through a small elevator. No problem! We designed the bar in sections to travel easily to its new home on the upper deck.




Interested in a grab-n-go, autonomous, or concession stand for your venue? Contact us today! We make customized food and beverage carts, portables, and kiosks for cultural attractions, stadiums, conventions, and transportation centers, and we’d love to make one for you!