E-Vehicles: Taking Marketing to the Streets

E-vehicles are emerging as a key marketing medium. In addition to enabling organizations to sell merchandise, food, and beverages in a variety of locations, e-vehicles offer an opportunity to expose more people to your brand, incorporating education, entertainment, and community outreach when relevant.

Three of Gallery’s recent e-vehicle builds illustrate how organizations can increase their reach and visibility using e-vehicles as a mobile branding opportunity, even while the primary purpose of each differs depending on the brand, goals, and audience.

Showcasing the PGA Brand at Golf Courses Across the Country

E-Vehicles for beverages PGA
pga evehicles

The PGA electric vehicles recently rolled out and will be featured at PGA Tour events around the country. Starting at Harbor Shores Golf course with the Senior PGA Championship, the large ice wells keep packaged drinks cold while steamers and food trays keep snacks hot, wherever the fans are on the course.

These e-vehicles display the recognizable style of the PGA brand, capturing fans’ attention and directing them to convenient food and beverage options while building brand loyalty.

Education, Engagement, and Outreach in Austin

CapMetro Promotional Marketing Electric Vehicle

We recently featured CapMetro’s colorful new e-vehicles, designed to catch the eye at events across the City of Austin. As a government project, CapMetro’s e-vehicles were created with community outreach and engagement in mind, with an entertainment system and public device-charging station included to capture their audience’s attention.

In addition to the entertainment system (which includes karaoke!), the built-in water and paleta coolers, the coffee station, and the retail space expand the capabilities of these vehicles so that CapMetro can use them for a variety of purposes and at myriad events and locations.

Iconically Branded E-Vehicle Sells More Merchandise to More Fans in More Locations

E-vehicle to sell merchandise for the indy500

Last month, the 106th Indy 500 celebrated the return to full capacity in Indianapolis, welcoming back more than 300,000 fans.

Gallery was proud to launch the Indy 500’s first-of-its-kind zero-emission Fan Van. Covered in matte black and the iconic checkered flag vinyl, the attention-grabbing vehicle provides the Indy 500 with a mobile branding opportunity to reach more fans and grow brand affinity.

This EV was loaded with Indy 500 merchandise, making it a convenient stop for fans to purchase t-shirts, hats, and other Indy 500 products.

E-vehicles remain a hot item for companies and organizations looking to expand their community reach. Whether using e-vehicles as beverage and food trucks, as mobile community outreach centers, or to sell branded merchandise, Gallery’s team works closely with each of our customers to ensure we’re building an e-vehicle that elevates your brand and helps increase your revenue.