Game On! Overcoming Weather Challenges associated with Outdoor Carts and Kiosks

Bad weather games are the worst!  There’s nothing quite like sitting through a rain delay with a soggy hot dog in hand while watching rain rapidly pelt down on a tarp.  But hey, it happens.  It’s part of sports.

It’s also part of the food and beverage industry and something the Gallery team considers on every build and installation.

“Where will the cart, kiosk or portable be located and how could it be affected are critical factors,” says (Gallery) President, Dan Gallery V.  He continues, “It dictates so much about how we construct the cart, whether we can use MDF board or aluminum or should we go the stainless-steel route if the cart is going to be exposed to the elements.”

Even then, mother nature can still win out.  Take for example a previous install of a large grab-n-go kiosk at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. “When we left the structure was beautiful, I get a call the next day from the client saying Dan, it was going to work great, but… most of it is no longer here.”  Overnight a surprise microburst swept through the Nashville area completely gutting the coolers from the shroud.  It also tossed the point of sales cart as well as the stanchions from one side of the stadium to the other.

MillerNisssanStadium 20190909 163042
Before the Storm
Nissan Stadium – Nashville, TN


kiosk storm damage
After the Storm
Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN.

Some outdoor kiosks are more vulnerable and require more attention than others.  Many of the carts and kiosks that Gallery builds are mobile and placed in concourses of stadiums and arenas.  This means they will not be directly affected by the elements.


20150729 Progressive Field Cleveland 3
Kiosk in protected area on concourse Progressive Field in Cleveland


For Outdoor Carts and Kiosks, Materials Matter

And it’s not just the wind and the moisture that have to be accounted for.  Extreme heat and direct exposure to the sun can also be problematic.  Stainless Steel is the most common material for outdoor cart builds but metallic materials can become very warm, easily melting ice and warming drinks and cocktails.  To combat that, Gallery offers a wide range of hard materials like quartz, silestone, corian and other specifically engineered hard plastics.

outdoor carts

outdoor carts 2
Mobile and Weatherproof:  The countertops on these bars are finished with a ‘Starboard Scratch Resistant Ultra-Stiff Building Sheet Polymer material’ built specifically to withstand the elements.


Protection From Above

When clients wish to place their kiosks outside in the elements there is also a great deal of importance placed on the structure and materials used on the roofs and awnings.  It’s also front of mind for Gallery’s design and engineering teams to build structures that ensure protection and comfort for customers and patrons.


Long Beach Aquarium Coffee Kiosk
Long Beach Aquarium Coffee Kiosk – Stainless steel roof


RR 1
Large Kiosks at Red Rocks Ampitheatre – Canvas Awnings that can be removed and stored during the winter months


Indoor Carts and Kiosks

Obviously Indoor builds are much easier to deal with.  Unlike outdoor builds, indoor carts and kiosks can be constructed with non-weatherproof materials.  One of more basic indoor cart/kiosk build for example is standard metal wrapped in vinyl.