Options Abound: How to Choose between Carts, Kiosks or e-Vehicles

Options are growing when it comes to finding the perfect solution for serving food, beverages and retail.  While mobile carts remain the core root system of our 42-year-old company there is no denying the entire industry is branching out.

“There is no one magic bullet,” exclaims CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Gallery IV.  He continues, “It’s not about offering up one end all be all product for the client but instead presenting a family of potential solutions for the client to choose what best fits their needs.”

Carts and Kiosks

Tried and true, the DNA of Gallery is our mobile Carts.  We take great pride in the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.  When the client desires mobility above all else, carts are often still (despite all the other options) the best solution.

Kiosks are also efficient alternatives to traditional (non-mobile) food and beverage service stations.  Designed for higher traffic areas with increased volumes of customers kiosks speed up the purchasing process and also in many instances help employers reduce labor costs.

AustinFC mobile carts 7229
Mobile Cart, Austin FC


Custom Food And Beverage Kiosks Kiosk Venues Food Beverage Progressive Field Cleveland Ohio 1
Custom Food and Beverage Kiosk –    Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio

Electric Vehicles

Efficient, creative and packing that extra ‘wow factor’ that many clients are looking for Gallery’s electric vehicles are charging up a brand-new fan base.  The environmentally friendly, 100 percent electric, cost-effective, fully customizable light duty E Vehicles are driving into venues across the country, from NFL stadiums to colleges and universities, airports, malls and conference centers.

“Companies are looking for creative, new and fun ways to provide food and beverages,” said Gallery President, Dan Gallery V. “Instead of bringing people to the food, we are bringing food and retail to the people.”

EV Gallery 696x464 1

Street Eats Electric Vehicle Food Truck

On campus mobile food e-vehicle for Salem Vikings

At Gallery we are problem solvers and match makers.  Pairing up our customers with the perfect solutions for serving food, beverages and retail is of top priority.