What’s In A Name: Gallery Carts. Kiosks. Portables.

To think how our little company, what it is today, started by selling hot dogs on one hot dog cart. Just incredible to me. – Debbie Gallery, Co-Founder Gallery Carts

In 2016, Carts of Colorado became Gallery Carts. The name was changed to highlight the family-owned and operated ethos of the company while also reflecting the company’s breadth of product lines and international reach.

“We are more than a cart maker, but in fact, we provide a full gallery of innovative solutions for virtually any type of food, beverage, or retail service provider at any venue.” – Dan Gallery.

But what about the other parts of the new-ish name? Carts. Kiosks. And Portables? Let’s break each one down.

Gallery Carts: Mobile Carts for Retail and Food and Beverage Service

how it started

Food carts used to be small, wheeled, or stationary carts that can be pushed or towed to different locations. They were usually compact and had limited space for food preparation and storage.

Gallery started with a hot dog cart on the 16th Street Mall in Denver. After purchasing a few mobile carts and realizing they returned profits in just a few months, Gallery was born.

Today, Gallery can deliver one cart or hundreds. We provide large and small food and retail carts to venues, cultural attractions, transit centers, hospitals, and office buildings worldwide. We build mobile carts for food and retail operators that are either off-the-shelf standards or wholly customized.

Mobile carts are our passion – it’s how we got started – and after 40 years, we’ve learned a thing or two – which is what makes our carts one-of-a-kind and stand out from the competition.

Standard Features of our mobile carts include:

  • Millwork or Stainless Steel / Aluminum basic body construction
  • UL/ETL certified – to meet standards of quality and safety at a singular electrical point
  • Multiple high-end finishes and theming options for cart exterior
  • Casters increase mobility with wheels
  • Quartz or Solid Surface Countertop

Gallery Carts: Stationary Kiosks for Retail and Food and Beverage

Stadium Food Kiosks Venues Food NRG Stadium Houston Texas 3
Premium Popcorn Food Kiosk at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas


Food kiosks are different than carts in that they are typically set up in a fixed location. They are often meant to serve a specific, high-traffic area, and their mobility is limited compared to food carts. Kiosks are efficient alternatives to infrastructure-intensive food and beverage service stations.

Food kiosks usually have more extensive cooking and preparation facilities than mobile carts. As a result, they can offer a wider variety of menu items, including those that require more complex cooking processes, such as burgers or specialty coffee drinks.

Gallery kiosks have been built as stand-alone operations, ghost kitchens, merchandise shops, beer gardens – the list goes on!

Standard Features of our Beverage, Retail, and Food Kiosks include:

  • A modular system that is connected and functions as a stand-alone
  • Multi-sided for increased Points of Sale for food, beverage, and retail
  • Accommodates relocation if necessary
  • Allows for self-contained or direct plumbing options
  • The choice between carts and kiosks depends on factors like location, type of food, target audience, and desired level of mobility.

Gallery Portables: Solutions That Bring You to The Customer

Nashville School District E-Vehicle with Grill

Portables refer to our range of products that are on the go. From our one-of-a-kind iceless hawking system to our electric vehicles, these solutions offer the opportunity to serve customers without remaining in a fixed location.

Our iceless hawking system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide efficient hawking equipment that is better for the environment and hawkers.

Our electric vehicles are used by campuses, school systems, restaurants, airports, and municipalities to transport anything from food to vaccines. These zero-emission vehicles can work indoors or outdoors, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cars and food trucks.

At Gallery, what we continue to build for is the client-first, customer-focused mentality. We never want to lose that. And that has been the company’s foundation over the last 40 years and will be the foundation for us going forward. What can we build for you?



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