The Grab-n-Go Trend is Here to Stay

There are a few trends coming out of the pandemic that have influenced long term changes in how consumers are drawn to food and beverage retail spaces. While Grab-N-Go markets have been around for years, they thrived during the pandemic as the hospitality industry scrambled for solutions to continue providing services. The trend is growing as people continue to become more and more accustomed to self-serve options that reduce time waiting in line.


Grab-N-Go kiosks offer multiple benefits for companies by taking advantage of underutilized space to generate extra revenue without creating more operational overhead. Additionally, Grab-N-Go markets increase profitability by avoiding the same labor cost required to staff a concession stand. Well-planned kiosk configurations give consumers what they want by providing fast, convenient snack options in multiple locations. Creative, recognizable designs on walls and headers draw people’s attention, build brand recognition and secure customer loyalty. All these factors combined have proven Grab-n-Go marketplaces to be the perfect merger of retail and food service.

Functionality and looks are everything.

When configured correctly and implemented effectively, Grab-N-Go kiosks can increase revenue by serving more customers in less time. Well-designed Grab-N-Go markets meet the consumer’s desire to return to the action in the arena, make it on time to the lecture hall, or catch a flight. Compositions that facilitate a smooth flow of traffic and avoid bottlenecks are as important as determining the best mixture of offerings to encourage additional, last-minute purchases.

Speedy service doesn’t mean reduced food quality. Consumers continue to look for freshness, quality and a diverse product selection. Providing a combination of hot and cold holding units allows for multiple food options and enhances the guest experience. Grab-N-Go markets place the product directly into consumer’s hands. Good lighting and spring-loaded supports that keep drinks upright, with logos pushed to the front of the case, create well-maintained display shelves and help drive sales.

Miller Lite Grab-n-Go kiosk with three double coolers in a stadium.

Grab-N-Go kiosks are your brand’s billboard. Consumers subconsciously notice subtle design elements at the same time they are calculating how long it will take to grab their goods and go. Customized sidewalls and headers make it easy to locate the Grab-N-Go kiosk in a crowded concourse, as well as maintain brand awareness. Brands put a lot of effort into designing packaging and logos to attract consumers, and people are drawn to brands they recognize, especially if they are in a hurry. Paying attention to consistent design elements such as fonts, logo placement, and structural materials creates a preferred look without adding extra cost.

A win for your business.

“Success can hinge as much on design, equipment and merchandising factors as it does on the actual menu.” – Grab-and-Go Station Design Trends,

Quality design, the opportunity to reinvent existing spaces, and an increased profit margin, provide a substantial return on investment in a relatively short amount of time. Whether operating a music venue, stadium, hotel or campus, Grab-N-Go kiosks are an excellent solution to relieve fixed counter locations, take advantage of underutilized spaces, and expand points of sale. The ability to relocate the kiosk to areas with increased sales opportunities enables efficient responsiveness to the ebb and flow of foot traffic. Labor can be handled by one person focused on monitoring guests, providing support, and keeping the shelves stocked. Building the Grab-n-Go unit, while simultaneously readying the building site for installation, shrinks the project timeline and cost. Understanding the synergy between all these elements is important when determining how to maximize profit margins.

Where to (Grab-N-)Go next?

Grab-n-Go kiosks are already booming on school campuses, travel centers and hotels across the country. They have become staples on college and university campuses, as students and staff are seeking convenient, fresh alternatives to traditional dining halls. They are gaining popularity in places such as airports and train stations that need quick, convenient, on-the-go options to accommodate tight schedules and inconsistent consumer traffic.

Hotels are prime spots for Grab-N-Go kiosks due to labor shortages and demand for fresh, high quality packaged foods (think continental breakfasts). Additionally, locations such as QSRs (Quick Service Restaurant), healthcare facilities, and corporate campuses are taking note of the Grab-N-Go trend as a viable, long term solution.

Grab-N-Go markets meet today’s demand for a streamlined purchasing process focused on improving guest experience. Whether you are looking to expand food and beverage services in already existing locations, or designing new locations that provide a fully enhanced consumer experience, Grab-N-Go marketplaces are an excellent solution with some of the highest potential to maximize return on investment.

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