Partnering for Creative Solutions

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Gallery’s History and Culture: Working with Channel Partners to Solve Problems and Serve Up Innovative Customer-Centric Solutions

For as long as we’ve existed, we’ve been driven by one thing: customer problems we knew we could solve. We also knew that some of the best innovations come from creative collaboration. From early partnerships with Marriott and Coca-Cola to more recent collaborations with Kitchens-to-GoSafe Health Solutions, and Sodexo, partnerships have been at the core of some of our finest customer outcomes.

The Opportunities Keep Coming

As long as there are new and unique customer challenges, there will be fertile ground for creative channel partnerships and customer-centric innovation. We’re so excited about some new partnerships we have in the works, we thought we’d share a sneak peek!

Fleet Management with Element

elements logoFirst up, we have a new fleet management partner, Element, the industry leader in fleet management. Fleet management is a full-time job, and it’s not just true for semi-trucks, rental cars, and airplanes. It’s just as true for food and beverage vehicle fleets. Our partnership with Element allows us to offer tailored end-to-end fleet solutions, from sourcing, financing, and ordering, to billing, maintenance, cost savings, and even remarketing at the end of the lease term.

Higher Education Business Development with OnCampus Brands

on campus logoNext, we’ve announced our exclusive new partnership with OnCampus Brands to help spread the word about Gallery’s mobile food vehicle line. College campuses are rich with opportunities to innovate food service delivery to cater to ever-evolving generations of students and other campus populations through mobile food delivery options. Together, we’ll provide more options to foodservice operators and brands to enhance the lives of students, staff, and school administrators with new food service delivery and retail sales electric vehicles (EVs) on K-12, college, and university campuses.

Liquor Delivery & Management with BarVision

Finally, we’re partnering with BarVision to take select Gallery carts to market in a new way throughbarvision logo their website and channels. It’s a great fit because our customers are dedicated to serving their consumers with creativity and convenience, but they also need to control costs carefully. Liquor monitoring and management are as important as product delivery and distribution. When we put those two components together, the result means both happy consumers and happy customers. Watch for more details soon!

Keep the Opportunities Coming

Who’s next in line? Maybe you! Interested in joining our elite list of channel partners collaborating to solve the greatest challenges of our mutual clients? We’re up for it! Contact us to explore the possibilities, and keep your eye on our blog for more details.