Electric Vehicles Deliver

Get the Goods Out on the Road. Bring Home ROI.

It’s one thing to get food, beverages, and merchandise directly to consumers where they are, when and how they want it.

It’s another to do it completely safely, up to all health codes and guidelines during a pandemic.

And it’s yet another thing altogether to do it knowing you’ll get your investment back in less than half a year, with nothing but profit in your future. But that’s how Gallery Electric Vehicles (E Vehicles) deliver.

Investing in static locations can be tricky and hard to predict. Office buildings lose tenants. Campuses constantly change. Airport concourses are unpredictable. Traffic, in general, is hard to forecast. Gallery E-Vehicles provide highly flexible solutions to vendors looking to expand their footprint with a mobile satellite location.

Gallery E-Vehicles deliver value through efficiency, portability, price, and even some extra branding. But most importantly, they deliver a quick return on your investment.

Electric Vehicles Delivered ROI and More for a Major Coffee and Bagel Brand.

Ashley Brewer, former Director of Brand Integration & Special Projects at Einstein Bros Bagels/Caribou Coffee, gave us a case example including calculations she used to determine the potential ROI companies could realize after investing in a Gallery E Vehicle. Einstein Bros Bagels/Caribou Coffee purchased an electric vehicle to bring coffee and bagels as well as convenience to students on the campus of a Colorado university. The average gross sales demonstrated a breakeven return on an electric vehicle investment after just 4.5 months. That means it was all upside after just the first semester.

And oh, by the way: The E Vehicle only sold goods during 15-minute time slots as students passed between classes.

Here’s how she did it.

Calculating ROI

Ashley worked out a simple formula, which can be used for any concept, that calculated estimated break-evens across minimum, average, and high-volume revenue scenarios. Her calculations took into account the cost of the electric vehicle along with these revenue and cost variables:

  • Transactions per hour

  • Average check amount

  • Hours of operation per day

  • # of employees

  • Cost of labor

  • Hours of labor

  • % COGS

  • An additional % to account for miscellaneous costs

Calculating gross sales per day, month, and year and subtracting the related costs, Ashley was able to estimate payoff in months across the three scenarios:

  • Minimum/Low Revenue: 7.25 months

  • Average Revenue (based on University case example): 4.22 months

  • High-Volume Revenue: 3.27 months

The variables in the equation are universal enough to apply to virtually any concept or venue, so you can calculate and realize similar returns. Quick breakeven is reinforcing, and the upside holds great potential. Money isn’t all that matters though.

On-The-Go, Health Department Approved

Universities and other institutions are motivated to meet the needs of students and other constituents. Busy students on-the-go need convenient fuel between classes, on their way into their office, as they head to catch a flight. It’s not always that easy to get to where beverage and food are in time. In fact, according to Technomics, 42% of students would like more on-campus cafeterias or restaurants to offer delivery.

Electric Vehicles deliver in real-time, with the added benefit of real-time safety and quality. What’s hot is hot, what’s cold is cold, and there’s no gap in food safety since the vehicle is fully health department approved.

A Little Extra Branding

Finally, having a marketing background with Einstein Bros Bagels, Ashley realized that a sexy mobile E Vehicle, wrapped in their branding, delivers serious brand value. Like a traveling billboard only on forward-leaning technology, Gallery Electric Vehicles spread brand awareness while generating revenue. What other marketing activity does that?

Learn More About How Gallery Electric Vehicles Deliver

Check out the full details and see examples of our new Electric Vehicle offering, and contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

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