Debbie Gallery


Role: Secretary Treasury

Experience: Side-by-side with her brother Dan, Debbie Gallery helped turn one deli-style hot dog cart into three, then into the designed and manufactured carts that set the standard for the industry that is Gallery today. Debbie has been central in presenting opportunities for Gallery clients to reach new markets in workplaces, universities, stadiums, arenas and more.

As a major driving force behind the company’s success, Debbie has held many roles: Secretary/Treasurer, northwest Sales Manager and even Materials Manager, in fact anywhere she can help lead operations, purchasing, accounting in service to designing high-quality cart specifications for production.

From humble beginnings stewarding a brand that has evolved the mobile cart industry to bring food, beverages and merchandise wherever people gather, Debbie believes she’s living the American dream. When she’s not working hard with the Gallery team, she enjoys photography, art, gardening, music and traveling to far-off places.