Keep Cool This Summer with Gallery Carts’ Beverage Solutions for Busy Venues

Summer is here, and so is the need for refreshing drinks at places like stadiums, airports, and convention centers. Gallery Carts offers smart and modular beverage solutions to keep everyone happy and hydrated. Here’s a look at some of our recent projects and how they help crowds of concertgoers, sports fans, and travelers beat the summer heat.

Grab and Go Outdoor: Q2 Stadium, Austin, TX

At Q2 Soccer Stadium, we had to bring our expertise in quick-service solutions in a speed play, with a turnaround of only a few weeks. This custom outdoor storefront utilizes grab and go food in order to streamline crowds and keep everyone able to return to watching the game faster. This project shows our high-quality craftsmanship that still meets tight deadlines.

Q2 Stadium #1`

Self-Serve Beer Tap Kiosks at Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, CA

Snapdragon Stadium had made several improvements to their venue, and we helped to improve their food and drink options and elevate the experience for San Diego sports fans. We installed seven custom self-serve beer tap kiosks around the stadium, each branded by local breweries like Alesmith. These kiosks are branded to be easy to spot, and offer fans their favorite beers that they know and love. We also added three grill stations for hot food, adding a dining experience and making for an all-in-one solution.

snapdragon stadium beer carts

Mobile Coffee Carts for Office Spaces: Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Our mobile coffee carts are perfect for office spaces. They can come customized with overhead LED lighting, self-contained plumbing, and can be moved throughout a building wherever needed. Whether it’s in a meeting room, a lobby, or a common area, these carts make it easy for employees to enjoy a morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up without having to leave the office.

office coffee cart

Black Rifle Coffee Outdoor Kiosk at FedEx Field, Washington, D.C.

At FedEx Field, we installed a stylish outdoor coffee kiosk for Black Rifle Coffee Company. With a metal exterior and Corian Aurora countertops, this kiosk looks sleek and modern. Its high-capacity water system allows the staff to brew and serve many cups of coffee quickly, keeping fans happy (and energized!).

Craft Water Carts: Flexible Hydration Solutions

Our craft water carts are designed to offer a variety of drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. These carts have several useful features:

  • Continuous supply of chilled sparkling and still water
  • Flavor pumps for adding syrups
  • Speed rails for easy access to liquor bottles
  • Dual taps for multiple bartenders
  • Connection to a direct water source to reduce waste
  • Self-contained options when a water source isn’t available

CraftWaterCart 1508

These carts provide a refreshing and eco-friendly beverage option that can be customized for any event or beverage type.

Gallery Carts is here to provide innovative and efficient beverage solutions for busy venues. From autonomous kiosks and self-serve beer taps to mobile coffee carts and craft water solutions, we help keep your guests cool and satisfied. This summer, upgrade your beverage service with Gallery Carts’ expertly designed solutions, perfect for enhancing guest experiences and improving operations.

For more information on how Gallery Carts can help you, contact us today!