Gallery Adds Innovative UV Sanitization Options for Custom Food Kiosks

COVID-19 Concerns Spark Advancements in Food Cart Safety

For more than 40 years, we have prioritized innovation in mobile food and beverages to energize and activate public spaces and bring people what they want, wherever they are via custom food kiosks.

That got a lot more complicated in the last several months as consumers stayed home and our customers began to rethink what gathering will mean in the future. Whether serving consumers at home or anticipating them coming back out, serving them safely has taken on a whole new meaning.

As a family business, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of our customers and the people they serve. We are confident that they’ll find ways to bring the fun back, and we’re ready to help them do that by adding innovative sanitization options for their custom food kiosks and other portable solutions.

Custom Food Kiosk Enhancements for Operator Protection and Consumer Confidence

There’s a lot at stake whenever and wherever crowds gather, especially now. Our product gallery has always emphasized safety and sanitary practices. But now we’re taking precautions for custom food kiosks, bar carts, merchandise carts, and other portable products to a whole new level to help protect the people operating and patronizing them.

Here are some of the enhancements we’ve added to help protect people from the spread of COVID-19:

UV Sanitizing Beverage Cabinets

These extensions for existing custom food kiosks and other portables use ultraviolet light to sanitize contents, so any germs that might inadvertently get in won’t get out. They also minimize the need for close interpersonal interaction or direct contact by allowing customers to serve themselves.

UV Sanitizing PPE Decontamination Cabinets

This entirely new product will help our clients who have hundreds and even thousands of employees who likely will be wearing masks protect their people and save money by appropriately sterilizing and reusing personal protective equipment (PPE). The cabinet uses ultraviolet light and other recommended features to decontaminate and rotate the PPE.

 Learn about the CDC guidelines for PPE decontamination.

Sanitizing UV Handsinks

Developed in partnership with medical engineers, this innovative extension of our existing handsink uses UV glow to help with sterilization and consumer confidence.

Moving Forward in a COIVD-19 World

We’re constantly working on innovation. Watch for additional new products to provide mobile delivery options for food, beverage and merchandise through custom food kiosks and other solutions.

Reopening and beginning to gather socially will continue to pose challenges and opportunities for our customers. As problem solvers relentlessly committed to quality, we’re committed to supporting their efforts and helping find a new normal for positive experiences in public spaces.

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