About Us

Your brand deserves a Gallery.

It all started when we decided to bring a taste of Chicago to the foot of the Rocky Mountains—a novel concept in a hot dog desert. While serving food and beverages to our customers, we realized we could make a better cart to do it with, and a great company was born. We’ve always been innovators and we’ve always approached our business with our customers’ perspective at the forefront.

Thirty five years later, we are a trusted partner to clients who use our carts and kiosks to deliver food, beverages and merchandise to tens of thousands of people every day.  We’ve learned a few things along the way about delivering value and staying ahead in an industry thick with unmovable deadlines.

We’ve learned that quality is non-negotiable. Our clients simply expect quality and it is the foundation on which our company continues to grow. That’s why we’ve built our manufacturing discipline around quality processes, systems, and vendors. We’ve worked too hard building trusted relationships over these years to risk a step back because we didn’t deliver quality each and every time.

We’ve learned that at the end of the day, we’re problem solvers. That no matter how well something is planned, there’s always a chance for a wrinkle or two at an install. So we own it. Our flexible and adaptable team partners with our clients to keep on track, on budget, and on deadline.

Most importantly, we have learned that our clients’ brands enhance the experience of the fan, the traveler, the shopper. In the same way that a piece of art can move you, a Gallery cart can mobilize a brand. It can catalyze an experience in a way that is both efficient and attractive—a way that creates experiences and earns results.

Here at Gallery, we have cart design down to a fine art. It’s who we are. We work behind the scenes to put your brand on display, generating more revenue for you and a better experience for your customers.

You could say we make carts, kiosks, and portables that bring goods to people where they are.

But we prefer to say that we make galleries that allow our customers’ brands to shine.

Meet The Team: