Gallery Partners with eTuk USA to Reshape Mobile Food and Beverage Industry

Successful Denver Businesses Join Forces to Develop Innovative Foodservice Solutions

December 13, 2017, Denver, Colorado – Gallery, a leading innovator of mobile carts for food, beverage and retail businesses, today announced a unique partnership with eTuk USA, the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of 100 % Electric Tuk Tuk three-wheel vehicles used for green transportation, advertising, and tours. Gallery will design Tuk Tuks that incorporate state-of-the-art food and beverage options so that users can experience a refreshing drink, snack on the go, or set up a mobile food stand.

“Demand for mobile food, street fare, convenience, and freshness continues to grow especially in urban areas where eTuks are most sought after, so this partnership is a natural extension of our business to address that demand,” said Dan Gallery V, President.  “We can customize cart design to meet any unusual requirement, look, or material and these new Tuk Tuks demonstrate that unique capability Gallery offers.”

Under the new partnership, Gallery and eTuk USA will allow customers to bring Tuk Tuks to music venues and festivals, university campuses, airports, and sports stadiums across the country. The innovative designs will be customized to help food and beverage businesses reach more people in more locations. The convenient mobile pop-ups can be easily used in areas that were traditionally considered too hard to access, such as indoor venues. eTuks have been spotted in airports, on elevators, in stadiums and more.

“eTuk has revolutionized green urban transportation, but it’s becoming clear that today’s event-goers, urban dwellers and students want food and beverage choices to go along the road too. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Gallery.  Their long history of inventive, high-quality cart designs and dedicated customer service has proven to thrill our customers,” said Michael Fox, Co-Founder and Director of Sales & Marketing, eTuk USA. “We feel fortunate to have found a local firm with such a respected background and reputation to help us continue to expand the eTuk vendor series units.”

For over 30 years, Gallery has produced over 30,000 carts for 5,000+ venues in 50 states. The family-run business originally started when the Gallery family began selling hot dogs from a cart on the 16th Street Mall in Denver. Today, the company designs, manufacturers, and installs carts, kiosks, and portables for food, beverage and retail businesses in a wide variety of venues, such as NFL stadiums, hospitals, hotels, universities and colleges, convention centers, and more.

“We are committed to helping our clients – old and new – deliver innovative foodservice delivery options, the new eTuks that we’ll be bringing to market over the coming months are an excellent example of that,” said Gallery.

About Gallery

For the last 32 years, Gallery has created the market as it is known today and has been the leading manufacturer of custom and standard mobile, modular merchandising kiosks. Formally known as Carts of Colorado, Gallery innovations and products are used in venues across from world from major NFL stadiums to conference centers, airports and malls. Gallery is a family-owned and operated business that continues to innovate and lead in the 21st century. For more information, visit Gallery online at and follow, or @gallerycarts on Instagram and Twitter.


About eTuk USA

Headquartered in Denver, CO eTuk USA manufactures 100% electric eco-friendly vehicles called the eTuk. These tuk tuks suit a variety of customer needs and are US DOT compliant and street legal. The product suite includes vending, transportation, cargo and custom eTuks. To learn more about the vehicles that run on fun, visit