Gallery in a Bubble

Image of Dodger Stadium | Gallery Carts food and beverage kiosks condiment carts mobile carts

A unique partnership has several Gallery products in Dodger Stadium for the ALDS.

At Gallery, our focus on delivering value for our clients drives everything we do. Sometimes that takes the form of working with industry-leading partners, as was the case with our work in the recently renovated Dodger Stadium, host of Major League Baseball’s American League Division Series this week.

We’re proud to have worked with Kitchens To Go (KTG) to create these complete food and beverage solutions, a company we’ve worked with many times through the years. KTG provided the modular buildings, and we supplied the Gallery’s: bars, point-of-sale carts, ticket kiosks and more. This is the kind of creative and collaborative approach to client-focused solutions that drives us.

The Dodgers renovated Dodger Stadium for this year’s All Star Game, and we were honored to be trusted with such important work for such a can’t-miss deadline. And while everyone is disappointed that the All Star game was cancelled this year and the fans will be absent during the ALDS, the cracks of the bats and slaps of the gloves will go on with the promise of fans filling the seats and visiting the new Dodger’s Stadium—and the new Gallery’s—next year.

No All Star Game, but All Star-Level Results.

Janet Marie Smith, Senior Vice President of Planning and Development for Dodger Stadium called the Gallery’s the “highlight of our centerfield plaza.” We were so pleased to deliver our hallmark-level quality for Janet and the Dodgers: “[Gallery’s] quality craftsmanship and attention…paid to the design,” Janet told us, “literally shines…Everything from the aesthetics, to the functionality to the craftsmanship, to the maintenance-free materials.”

Projects like the Dodger’s renovation, on a tight timeline and coordinating with our partner KTG, requires next-level attention to details. We’ve been working with partners like KTG throughout our 40-year history, and pride ourselves on what Janet called “very thorough and timely…communication, coordination, and service.”

Thank you Janet for the honor to be a part of such a storied franchise, venue, and event!

And here’s to the fans: May they be in abundance next year!