• Gallery Carts Club Car Lead Tracker

    This form will be used to track new lead referrals from Club Car. This form is required for payout of the Gallery Incentive upon closure of a vehicle sale.

Process – Gallery x Club Car Dealer Incentive Program

  1. Dealer – please present sales materials to client. If a client shows interest:
  2. Dealer – please submit lead information via this form
  3. Gallery will send Dealer a form receipt confirming or denying the lead (See below for qualification)
  4. Gallery sales team will take over and close the deal for vehicle with food and beverage solution
  5. When the deal closes, Gallery will pay Dealer Incentive to Dealer after vehicle delivery and payment in full

Qualification – Gallery x Club Car Dealer Incentive Program

  • Must be a lead that Gallery is not already pursuing – will be confirmed or denied in receipt
  • Customer has been presented Gallery sales materials
  • Customer shows interest in furthering a quote or proposal

Complete the form below