Employee Spotlight- Meet Craig

What is your role at Gallery?

“Senior Designer III”

What is the toughest problem you faced at Gallery and how did you overcome it for the client?

“Dealing with multiple structural engineering issues with a coffee kiosk we built and installed in an open air mall in Hawaii.  We aren’t a structural engineering firm and when required, usually the customer works with their architects and engineers to get that approved.  In this instance, though, our customer came back to us and requested us to provide them with all details and structural calculation on the frames, roof sections, footings and posts.  I was able to work with several structural engineering firms to finalize drawings, get all calculations and have our design approved.  As a result we were required to provide inserts for the roof vertical supports to mount to that were inserted into the concrete curb on site prior to our unit being delivered and installed.  Even though this process added to our production timeframe, it allowed us to provide our customer with an approved unit up front.”

What would people would be surprised if they knew about you?

“The Cincinnati Reds invited me to a baseball tryout during the summers of my junior and senior year in high school”

If you could make a custom  Gallery cart for yourself what would it be?

“I would make a self-serve custom bar cart”

If you had to eat one food from a Gallery cart forever what would you choose?