Building Capacity to Handle Projects of Any Size

Learn More About the Impact of Expanded Production Capacity

“Gallery’s ongoing commitment to innovation is shown in the way we continue to improve our processes,” explains Ran Woodfin, Gallery VP of Operations.

Check out our new building, new production process, and more in this 1⅓-minute video featuring Woodfin, and contact us to discuss what these enhancements mean for your organization.

Gallery Expands Production Capacity Through Process Improvement

Some say you can’t have too much of a good thing. When it comes to delivering the products our customers need and want, we absolutely agree. That’s why we’ve expanded our production capacity with a new facility, production process, and other innovations. This lets us ship more products out the door faster so you can serve your customers where they are, on the go.

Process and Capacity Improvement Through Innovation

Anyone who knows us knows that we were born from – and have grown through – a relentless dedication to innovation. That’s evident in the way we serve customers and evolve our product offerings, but it’s not just about product development. It’s deeply rooted in all of our processes.

Leaning Into Production Capacity and Customer-Focused Development

The biggest change in production capacity is our new building and new layout, allowing us to establish a more efficient lean manufacturing system. We can now capitalize on assembly line production instead of building one at a time. That means we can complete more projects and serve more customers in a shorter period of time than we ever could before.

Beyond the physical production process, we’re always making process improvements behind the scenes across all of our functions from engineering and sales to project management and operations. That means that in addition to production capacity, we are gaining time to develop and test new product lines, and apply our engineering expertise to learning and addressing what our customers will need next.