Electric Vehicles Deliver

Get the Goods Out on the Road. Bring Home ROI. It’s one thing to get food, beverages, and merchandise directly to consumers where they are, when and how they want it. It’s another to do it completely safely, up to all health codes and guidelines during a pandemic. And it’s yet another thing altogether to do it knowing you’ll get your investment back in less than half a year, with nothing but profit in your future. But that’s how Gallery Electric Vehicles (E Vehicles) deliver.

Shedding Some Light On UV

Can Gallery’s offering of UV lighted grab-and-go coolers, sinks, and mask sanitation cabinets help venues and other public spaces in their reopening efforts?

Gallery Adds Innovative UV Sanitization Options for Custom Food Kiosks

Gallery Hires New National Director of Accounts

Jeff Bingham joins the Gallery National Accounts Team

Super Bowl LII - The Biggest Event in Sports!

Gallery is excited to be a part of Super Bowl LII!

Gallery Partners with eTuk USA to Reshape Mobile Food and Beverage Industry

Successful Denver Businesses Join Forces to Develop Innovative Foodservice Solutions

Employee Spotlight- Meet Craig

NFL Fan Experience Enhanced Through Innovative Concession Carts by Gallery

Gallery Designs New Carts for NFL Stadiums This Season


Gallery launches quality control technology to improve efficiency and transparency in cart delivery and design

Gallery Hires New General Manager

Joey Van Winkle joins Gallery for added client service and product quality