Gallery Announces Exclusive Partnership with Falkbuilt

Gallery Carts Brings Next-Gen Technology to Grab-and-Go and Self-Serve Kiosks at Stadiums and Arenas Across the U.S. On May 24, 2022, we announced an exclusive partnership with Falkbuilt, manufacturer of Digital Component Construction. The partnership will use Falkbuilt’s technology to...Read More

Reflecting on 2021 at Gallery Carts

2021 was the year of perseverance. At Gallery, we continue to prove our dedication to delivering for our clients on each and every project and maintaining our focus on the forward momentum. Through the consistently altering systems and protocols, we are forging new...Read More

The Grab-n-Go Trend is Here to Stay

There are a few trends coming out of the pandemic that have influenced long term changes in how consumers are drawn to food and beverage retail spaces. While Grab-N-Go markets have been around for years, they thrived during the pandemic...Read More